While knowledge may be its own reward, CivicPlay gives you more for educating yourself and others on the world’s most pressing matters. With CivicPlay, one can earn social and financial rewards for reading and sharing news on poverty, human rights, pollution and the many other problems in great need of the world’s attention. It's just a game but the subjects and rewards are very real. Are you ready to play?

CivicPlay is an application that incentivizes the consumption of advocacy news through virtual gaming metrics and financial rewards. Or more simply put, it turns reading the news into a game. A game where everybody wins.

The game itself is rather simple. Points are awarded for each article a user reads. Points are also awarded for sharing articles, recruiting new users and donating to associated charities.

As one builds a score, they will also build a profile and network of peers with similar connections and interests. In addition, CivicPlay offers rewards that enhance ones pocketbook while enhancing their wealth of knowledge. All one has to do is R.E.A.D.

Receive news articles, features and multimedia focusing on important issues from reputable sources around the world.

Gain points that represent your knowledge and dedication to a particular cause and receive financial rewards for participating.

Spread awareness on the causes and issues you care about, simply by reading, sharing and recruiting new members to CivicPlay.

Promote issues that truly deserve mass attention, organize those who care and support organizations working to do the same.

Read the Feed: CivicPlay will procure articles from both major and local news organizations to provide the most extensive and accurate information available. It is not our intention, however, to take any publication's articles. CivicPlay simply provides a preview of the article and link directly to its website of origin. All we’re doing is directing readers and keeping score.

Get the Points: The points you gain by reading, sharing, donating and recruiting contribute to your overall score and are also be broken down into specific categories. With this, a CivicPlay score also becomes a representation of one’s interests, knowledge and actions. It creates a civic-minded profile that helps us deliver the content you care about and connect you with others who feel the same.

Get the Rewards: Knowledge, clout and vast network of like-minded people may be enough incentive for most, but CivicPlay provides even more with a reward system that allows users to redeem points at our virtual store, where they will find a variety of discounts and prizes provided by CivicPlay and participating sponsors. After all, games are so much more fun when there’s a prize.

The readers receive the benefit of an education and more as CivicPlay points have both intrinsic and financial value. A CivicPlay score is essentially a badge of honor, representing one’s knowledge and dedication to a cause. It allows users to build relationships based on shared values and puts a little extra money in their pockets. Readers truly can’t lose with CivicPlay.

The world doesn’t revolve around the latest political gaffe, celebrity gossip or controversial trial, but more than enough of the media does. The very heart of CivicPlay’s mission is not to bring people an alternative to the news, it is to bring people the actual news. CivicPlay is meant to turn people’s focus on subjects that truly matter and inspire them to take action.

As news and magazine websites are highly reliant on traffic to achieve profits, CivicPlay offers a mutually beneficial relationship by delivering just that. Just as CivicPlay rewards those who read about important issues, it also rewards those who report on them. CivicPlay provides more traffic, more ad revenue and more funds to report on the issues that matter.

Those who sponsor and advertise on CivicPlay will receive more than the average return on investment as our model not only delivers a company’s message, but drives sales through rewards. Essentially, we offer the same type of coupons that have always been used to drive sales, except ours come with a little peace of mind and a lot of philanthropic value for a brand.

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